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SpeakerCraft RSA 1.0
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SpeakerCraft RSA 1.0

This item is in the MODE (Music On Demand Experience) collection
RS232 Interface Adapter for Multi-Zone Controller
  • Creates an interface between MZC-66/88 & RS232
  • Converts IR to RS232
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SpeakerCraft RSA 1.0

Converts the Expansion port on a MZC controller to a one-way 232 out for controlling source third party source equipment.Converts IR to RS232. Interface between the MODE JUKEBOX and the MZC for data transfer. (Needed when a MODE JUKEBOX is used with an MZC and data is needed to be displayed on a MODE 3.1 keypad).

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  • Creates a Serial Interface between an MZC66/88 and other devices requiring RS232 control and/or communication.
  • An Interface between MODE Dj and other external sources when used with MODE Systems
  • Loop multiple adapters for an RS232 router configuration


  • Used for one-way RS232 communication from MZC66/88 to source equipment

About SpeakerCraft

SpeakerCraft started in 1976 as an audio retailer. Along the way we became a custom installation company, installing multi-room audio systems. SpeakerCraft is now one of the world's leading manufacturer of custom installation products, and their background as a custom installer and retailer has provided pretty good idea of what it is you want from a manufacturer. Their goal is to develop innovative designs utilizing some of the most state-of-the-art components and materials. Those efforts have earned many industry awards for products that break tradition and go a step forward to bring you tomorrow's technology today. For instance, SpeakerCraft was the first to invent in-wall speaker installation systems that do not require installing brackets in the wall first. They have improved the in-ceiling round speaker by inventing a method to greatly improve the high frequency response with a device called the WavePlane. First to produce pivoting tweeters and on some models the whole speaker pivots while still remaining flush with the ceiling. These innovations eliminate the placement concerns of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. With SpeakerCraft speakers you now can enjoy your beautiful interiors without sacrificing sound or quality and with the comfort of knowing that those speakers carry a lifetime warranty. FULL MULTI-ROOM AUDIO SpeakerCraft also supplies hundreds of other products to help your multi-room audio system become a reality, multi-room distribution amplifiers and a whole line of custom installation accessories to help it all come together. YOU CAN DEPEND ON SPEAKERCRAFT to pledge every product they build will give you the highest level of workmanship and sound performance. The commitment to quality is matched only by the warranty...Lifetime! SpeakerCraft started in a garage in 1976 and has since become the largest manufacturer and innovator of in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, whole house audio and custom installation products in the world. The SpeakerCraft way of life is simple: manufacture leading products, make installation easier, provide customers the best service in the industry, and have fun. We guarantee that our unique and innovative speakers, electronics and accessories are sure to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Manuals and Brochures

Manual Information Examples

Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
... CLO Thank you for choosing the Sanus Systems LA112 motorized mount. The LA112 is a remote-controlled automated mount ...understand these directions, or have doubts about the safety of the installation, contact Sanus Systems Customer Service or call a ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
...Adapters are not included with the LA112. If you need an adapter, contact Sanus Systems Customer ...800-359-5520 or email us at You may also visit our....5 inches (54.6 cm) wide, install Cross Plate adapters. For monitors with hole patterns...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter designed to mount to vertical walls only. Do not attempt to mount the LA112 to ceilings or non-vertical walls. For CauTION Avoid damage to equipment! Use only accessories distributed or recommended by Sanus Systems. Do not operate the LA112...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
1: Remove Wall Plate from Arm [01] [A] The LA112 is shipped with the wall plate and arm assembled. You must remove the wall plate before installation. Loosen the two fasteners [A] securing the wall plate [01] ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
4: Install Arm Assembly to Wall Plate [02] [01] Hang the arm assembly [02] over the top rail ...assembly engage with the rail. Align the arm assembly to the desired location on the wall plates. Secure the bottom of the arm assembly to the wall plate ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
... potential injuries and / or property damage! Do not use the monitor manufacturer's "screen size"; you must measure the .... Set Measure monitor width, including any speakers Turn the power switch [A] to the ON position. Insert the selector pin [07] ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
6: Install Mounting Brackets CauTION If your television came with mounting bolts use ... holes and hook [03] [18, 19, 20] [12, 13, 14, 15, 16, ... 23] 6.1 Connect the IR receiver cable [06] to the receiver port on the arm assembly. On the remote control ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
8: Install Monitor to Wall Plate [27] HEAVY! You will need assistance with this step. [A] Position the hooks at ... the mounting brackets over the top cross bar [A]. Guide the bottom of the mounting brackets down and towards the arm assembly until the ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
Programming Codes For Cable Boxes Brand ABC Amricast Antronit Archer Bell South Centurion Century Citizen Combano consat Comtronics Digicable Eagle Eastern Echostar Electricord Gemini General Electric General GNC Golden Hamlin Hitachi Jerrold ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
...49" - 55.9" (124 - 140 cm) 56" - 63.0" (142 - 160 cm) Power Switch... the power switch to ON (1). 2-2. Measure the total outside width of the TV including any side speakers ... try to move the X-arm™ using the remote control. If it works properly, do not...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
...right-hand side of the control box. 2. Remove the cover plate to expose the RS232 port. 3. Download ...does it provide for every possible contingency in connection with the installation or use of this ­product. The information contained in this document...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
... to CLO. Thereafter, repairs will be made at established factory prices. Unauthorized service or repair by anyone other than authorized... void and releases Sanus Systems and CLO from any further responsibility or obligation. LA112 mounting brackets are...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
...27] You must remove the two TV Mounting Brackets from the LA112 before attaching the arm to the wall plate. Remove the hex screws [A] from the mounting brackets [03]. Pull the safety clips [04] from the back of the mounting brackets...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
3: Mount Wall Plate For Wood Stud Walls 1/8 in. Max. 43 cm (17 in.) [01] 2x 6x Min. 6.5 cm (2.5 in.) 6x [10] 6901-100189 6x
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
... Hole Bellows No Cable 2" (5 cm) [C] IR Reciever Plug No Cable 2" (5cm)... [07] TV Power Outlet (outside bellows) AV Cables from Component IR Reciever ... all cables at least 5cm (2 in.) away from the center beam! Check that the cables are long enough...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
... damage! Keep all cables away from the center beam of the arm assembly. Do not ...TV AV Cables from Component TV Power Cord [08] IR Receiver Eye Route ... all cables at least 5cm (2 in.) away from the center beam! Check that the cables are long enough ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
.... 3. Stand away from the LA112 as it calibrates. LA112 will move back to the home position against the wall when calibration is complete.... and do not leave it unattended. 1. Turn the control box power switch to "On" . 2. Press the "X-arm" and the the ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
... CBL X-ARM Select the desired device. SET 10. Using the Remote Control POWER 1 4 7 LAST 2 5 PIP 3 6 SWAP OPEN/CLOSE ...DVD CBL P4 P R E S E T Switches the PIP and background TV CBL POWER DVD X-ARM POSITION video sources. VCR FREEZE SLEEP VCR ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
... correct TV width is set before programming the Perset Positions. Do not come in contact with the LA112 while it is in motion. 1. Turn control box power switch to "On" . POWER 2. Press ...DVD CBL TV DVD X-ARM CBL POWER X-ARM VCR TV DVD CBL ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
... Ampro Amstrad Anam Aoc Apex Audiovox Blaupunkt Broksonic Caim Candel Capehart Cetronic Citizen Classic Concerto Contec Cornea System Coronado Craig Crown Curtis Mathes CXC Daewoo Daytron Dell Dwin Dynasty Dynatech Eiki Electrohome Motorola MTC Code ...
Speakercraft RSA-1.0 RS232 Interface adapter
...and try to move the X-arm™ using the remote control. If it works properly, do not ... return to the home position against the wall. 6. Unplug X-arm™ from power for at least 10 seconds ... A2 A3 motor switch motor switch control box wires 6901-100189...

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