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Sanus Systems SSMK1
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Sanus Systems SSMK1

Steel Stud Mounting Kit
  • Perfect solution when steel studs are the only wall mounting option
  • Set of four
  • Holds up to 175 lbs.
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$14.99 set of 4

Sanus Systems SSMK1

The VisionMount SSMK1 is a hardware kit that allows steel wall stud mounting for Sanus VMPL, VMPL2, VMPL3, VMPL50 and VMPL250 flat-panel TV mounts.

 This kit increases the mounting options of these universal wall mounts for use in commercial applications such as office buildings, warehouses or condominiums.

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  • Compatible Mounts: VMPL VMPL2 VMPL3 VMPL50 VMPL250
  • Holds up to 175lbs


  • UL listed
  • Set of four
Sanus Systems

About Sanus Systems

Sanus Systems designs and builds fine A/V furniture. Every Sanus product is engineered to enhance A/V systems and the surrounding décor. Today Sanus offers over 200 different models of wood, glass and metal home theater units, TV stands, audio racks, wall mounts and speaker supports to match any A/V system or environment.

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Manuals and Brochures

Manual Information Examples

Sanus Systems SSMK1
... - SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS - PLEASE READ ENTIRE MANUAL BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT Thank you for choosing the Sanus Steel Stud Mounting Kit (SSMK1). The SSMK1 is designed to be used ... in steel stud walls only! If you do not understand these instructions...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
...montaggio per montanti in acciaio Sanus Steel Stud Mounting Kit. Il kit SSMK1 柳tato ...125 lb) VMPL250, VMPL50, portata massima 59 kg (130 lb) VLT15, LL11, portata massima...(150 lb) VMPL, VMPL2, portata massima 79 kg (175 lb) VMPL3, portata massima...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
... be at least 2x4 / 25ga. If back side of wall is un nished, drywall must... left and right of the stud(s) being used to install the mount. Drywall must be a minimum of 13... Speci cation for the Design of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members. [362 S 125 18...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
4 To complete installation, follow the assembly manual provided with your particular wall mount. 1 [03] [02] 2 6 6901-170182
Sanus Systems SSMK1
...iniz i樮 te?ekkür ederiz. SSMK1 a?a??daki Sanus duvara montaj düzenekleriyle birlikte ... 56 kg (125 lb) ! VMPL250, VMPL50, Maksimum A??rl?k Kapasitesi 59 kg ! VMPL, VMPL2, Maksimum A??rl?k Kapasitesi 79 kg (175 lb) ! ! ! ! ! ! VMPL3, Maksimum...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
...CONCERNANT LA SȃURITǠ- CONSERVEZ CES INSTRUCTIONS - VEUILLEZ LIRE ATTENTIVEMENT LE MANUEL ...Merci d'avoir choisi le kit d'assemblage pour montant en acier de Sanus. L'unit矓... 56 kg (125 lb) ! VMPL250, VMPL50, capacit矰ond象le...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
...㭤er-Montagesatz von Sanus entschieden haben. Der SSMK1 ist für folgende ! VMPL250, VMPL50, maximale Tragkraft 59 kg (130 lb) ! VLT15, LL11, maximale ...150 lb) ! VMPL, VMPL2, maximale Tragkraft 79 kg (175 lb) ! VMPL3, maximale ...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
... por escoger el kit de montaje en vigas de acero de Sanus Systems. SSMK1 se ha diseñado ...) VMPL250, VMPL50, capacidad de peso m෩ma 59 kg (130 lb) VLT15, LL11, ... veces el peso del monitor y el soporte juntos. Si la parte posterior de la pared no ...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
... por ter escolhido o Kit de montagem para vigas de a歠Sanus. O SSMK1 foi concebido para ...! VMPL250, VMPL50, capacidade m෩ma de peso 59 kg (130 lb) ! VLT15, LL11, ...150 lb) ! VMPL, VMPL2, capacidade m෩ma de peso 79 kg (175 lb) ! VMPL3, ...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
... voor uw aankoop van de stalen stud bevestigingspakket van Sanus. De SSMK1 is ontworpen voor gebruik samen met... maximale draagcapaciteit 56 kg (125 lb) ! VMPL250, VMPL50, maximale draagcapaciteit 59 kg (130 lb) ! VLT15, LL11, maximale draagcapaciteit ...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
...du valgte veggfestet fra Sanus for montering p㟳t䫳tendere. SSMK1 er utformet ! VMPL250, VMPL50, maksimal vektkapasitet 59 kg (130 lb) ! VLT15, LL11, maksimal ... lb) ! VMPL, VMPL2, maksimal vektkapasitet 79 kg (175 lb) ! VMPL3, maksimal...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
... v妢eslaget fra Sanus til montering med st䫤yveler. SSMK1 er beregnet ... lb) ! VMPL250, VMPL50, maksimal v妴kapacitet 59 kg (130 lb) ! VLT15, LL11, ... lb) ! VMPL, VMPL2, maksimal v妴kapacitet 79 kg (175 lb) ! VMPL3, maksimal v&#...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
... att du valde Sanus monteringssats för st䫲eglar. SSMK1 㰠avsedd att... lb) ! VMPL250, VMPL50, högsta viktkapacitet 59 kg (130 lb) ! VLT15, LL11, högsta viktkapacitet...150 lb) ! VMPL, VMPL2, högsta viktkapacitet 79 kg (175 lb) ! VMPL3, högsta ...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
... monta?owego rmy Sanus do ?cian szkieletowych o konstrukcji stalowej. Zestaw SSMK1 zosta? ! VMPL250, VMPL50, maksymalne obci??enie 59 kg (130 lb) ! VLT15, LL11, ! VMPL, VMPL2, maksymalne obci??enie 79 kg (175 lb) ! ! ! ! ! ! VMPL3, maksymalne ...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
...矮osn쪹 od spole?nosti Sanus . Sada SSMK1 je navržena pro použit... ! VMPL250, VMPL50, maxim૮럮osnost 59 kg (130 lb) ! VLT15, LL11, maxim&#...(150 lb) ! VMPL, VMPL2, maxim૮럮osnost 79 kg (175 lb) ! ! ! ! ! ! VMPL3, maxim...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
Sanus Systems SSMK1
... SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS - SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS - PLEASE READ ENTIRE MANUAL BEFORE USING THIS PRODUCT For best results, reference both the text and illustrations when using this manual. Cut along the dashed lines to match your language ...
Sanus Systems SSMK1
... all details, conditions, or variations. Nor does it provide for every possible contingency in connection with the installation or use of this product. The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice or obligation of ...

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